About Xbiome

As the first AI-based microbiome drug development company in China, Xbiome Co., Ltd. is dedicated to gut microbiome using AI techniques, and committed to the gut health of 1.3 billion people with precise and personalized management.

Gut is the largest microbial ecosystem in the human body. It hosts about 100 trillion microbes – 500 – 1000 unique species, and contains 150-fold more genes than the human genome, which influence the human health systematically. Study shows that more than 50 human diseases are associated with dysbiosis of gut microbiota.

Unlike the traditional “cell-animal-human ” paradigm of drug discovery, Xbiome’s approach innovatively combines “artificial intelligence + bioinformatics analysis” and gut microbiome techniques into a unique drug development platform, which substantially speeds up new drug development, and improves the rate of drug success.

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